About me

Gustaf Rosenblad is my name

I’m 16 years old and have been programming since I was 8 years old. Programming runs in the family. I’m the third generation of programmers. When I program, I almost always following the standard of the platform and makes everything simple for both the user and for myself. I love challenge myself to the limit and try new things I never done before. Otherwise, I love design and make things just work as they should.



Released the well thought-through iOS 7 update for the game One ball and One ball - Level Editor


Internship at Intraservice where I made two Windows Store apps.

Internship and work at Hogia where I developed two logistics apps.

Developed the app One ball - Level Editor which makes it possible to create your own levels for the game One ball. You can also publish your levels and let your friends play them.


Developed the iPhone app for Billiggare.se

Named the youngest app developer in Sweden by Computer Sweden magazine.

Third in Sogeti’s app contest at Sundsvall24.


Developed the iPhone game One ball together with two classmates. I worked on the programming, one of my friends made the artwork and my other friend designed the levels.


Created a website for my classmates where they could find homework and practice on words.


Born in Gothenburg, Sweden

Techniques used

Objective-C, PHP, HTML(5), JavaScript, SQL Server, C#, Facebook SDK, Twitter API, Instagram API, OAuth, ASP, Vb.net, XAML, Adobe Flash

Main tools I'm using

I mostly using a Macbook Pro for programming and those apps are my favorites